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'Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.' — Amit Ray

Three simple ways to be more mindful on your lunchbreak

We sit down with Kim and ask how she fits mindfulness and meditation into her busy day.

How to make mindful glitter bottles for kids

Glitter bottles are an excellent analogy for the thoughts/feelings/behaviours and how these constantly occurring can cause our vision to become cloudy, hence needing to take a moment to be still and mindful.

Mindful Me at Lake Gwelup Primary School

So says Jodi Piercey, Deputy Principal at Lake Gwelup Primary School, who in her 30 years of teaching has seen the number of anxious students rise sharply in recent years.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Me

There was a time when I was stupidly busy. 80 hours per week, anaesthetising patients, and leading DonateLife in Western Australia. I barely had time for my target of 400km per week, riding my bike.