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We inspire a workplace where employees experience improved job satisfaction, relationships and personal well-being.

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Mindful Workplace

A half day session dedicated to helping your team develop a realistic whole-of-organisation implementation plan.

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Mindful Self

This concise workshop focuses on strategies and tools to help manage anxiety and workplace-related stress.

  • focus on crucial conversations about stress
  • cover the definitions of mindfulness and meditation
  • offer you insights into the science behind stress and mindfulness/meditation
  • allow you time to experience a range of different mindfulness and meditation tools
  • support you to develop a holistic plan for managing stress that scaffolds your entire organisation.
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Mindful Families

A fun, interactive workshop that covers the basic principles of mindfulness and meditation, and helps families create a home action plan.

  • clear definitions of mindfulness and meditation and how they differ
  • an introduction to simple mindfulness and meditation practices for the whole family
  • a theoretical understanding of brain science - focusing on the Amygdala, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus
  • development of a take home action plan to help implement mindfulness and meditation into the home environment