Mindful Education

We help improve the classroom experience, mental health and wellbeing of both students and teachers.

We offer packages of one-hour or full-day workshops, which give you the tools to teach mindfulness to your staff and students. We even have extras, such as a mindfulness for parents workshop that is hosted at your school. For those of you elsewhere, we also have online meditation workshops and courses.

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Unlock a complete mindful experience for your school with our recommended pathway.

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Mindful Schools Overview

A complimentary visit to your school where you'll learn how our Recommended Pathway unlocks a complete mindful education experience for staff and students through our whole-school approach.

  • clear explanations of what mindfulness and meditation are and how they differ
  • a basic understanding of the science behind mindfulness and meditation and what's happening in the brain
  • an introduction to some mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • insights into MMA's secular and evidence-informed programs, pathways and curriculum
  • examples MMA's work in education and our ongoing research
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Mindful Amygdala

A comprehensive workshop that introduces basic neuroscience and practical mindfulness skills to improve job performance, relationships and personal wellbeing.

  • focus on crucial conversations about stress
  • cover the definitions of mindfulness and meditation
  • offer you insights into the science behind stress and mindfulness/meditation
  • allow you time to experience a range of different mindfulness and meditation tools
  • support you to develop a holistic plan for managing stress that scaffolds your entire organisation.

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Mindful Education

A comprehensive workshop for teachers to implement an evidence-informed Whole School Approach.


  • guide you through MMA’s tailored, whole-school approach to mindfulness and meditation
  • enabling schools and participants to plan, develop, implement and evaluate mindfulness across the whole school
  • provide an insight into what is mindfulness, the links to meditation practises, along with the active practice of several differing forms of meditation
  • help you gain a deeper understanding of how and why meditation works in the brain, along with links to developing self-regulation
  • demonstrate how MMA assists staff to introduce and implement a whole-school mindfulness and meditation program, with additional focused training for the leadership team based on each school’s unique culture
  • introduce you to MMA’s research-backed comprehensive curriculum. The materials are written for primary to Year 10 students and can be adapted for years 11 and 12
  • offer ideas on hands-on mindfulness and meditation activities for personal or classroom use
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Mindful Me

A specialised workshop that equips two champions from your school with the tools and skills to deliver this six-week program to selected students.

  • tools and strategies so you can help students with mild anxiety at school and home
  • a theoretical understanding of brain science - focusing on the Amygdala, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus
  • ideas on hands-on activities that encourage and foster the development of self-regulation in students
  • access to exclusive Mindful Me resources for parents.

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Mindful Families

A fun, interactive workshop that covers the basic principles of mindfulness and meditation, and helps families create a home action plan.

    • clear definitions of mindfulness and meditation and how they differ
    • an introduction to simple mindfulness and meditation practices for the whole family
    • a theoretical understanding of brain science - focusing on the Amygdala, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus
    • development of a take home action plan to help implement mindfulness and meditation into the home environment

What does the science say?

Mindfulness improves students' ability to self-regulate, which then creates optimal conditions for learning.

Together with Mindful Meditation Australia, you can become a mentally healthy school.

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