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Mindful Healthcare

We offer support and strategies to prioritise the emotional and mental wellbeing of those working on our frontline.

Mindful Self

Designed for frontline workers, this concise workshop focuses on strategies and tools to help manage anxiety and stress related to higher workloads and uncertainty and worries about the future.

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Free per family

Mindful Amygdala

Learn the skills and strategies to manage workplace stress at this full-day workshop.

Explore mindfulness and meditation tools to improve your professional and self-development.

Improve job performance, relationships and personal wellbeing by making plans to deal with unhealthy personal and workplace stress, anxiety and worry.

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Free per family

Mindfulness and Medication Administration (MAMA)

Our MAMA program supports the medication administration process with research-backed mindfulness strategies.

This training will help nurses and caregivers:

Review current medication administration errors
Identify why errors happen
Create holistic drug administration mindfulness plans using our research-backed approach

per family
"The workshop helped highlight the great things we’re already doing and some areas we want to continue to focus on."
Jarrah and Madi