Kim Chute

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Kim Chute


What I do at Mindful Meditation Australia

I play a big part in developing and delivering MMA’s training programs to teachers, not-for-profit organisations, health workers and parents. I am also the author of MMA's Teacher Resources.

How I got here

My background in secondary teaching has led me to developing resources and training teachers around the country in areas of drug and resilience education for young people, which I was lucky enough to do for 19 years. I now run my own leadership development and cultural change company, working with schools, private, government and not-for-profit sectors across Australia.

Teaching people life-long mindfulness skills to manage their stress is really rewarding.

Best thing about my job

Working with such a positive bunch of people!

Ways I practise mindfulness and/or meditation

As a regular meditator for over 16 years, I love a walking meditation at my local beach most mornings.