Katie Rose

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Katie Rose


What I do at Mindful Meditation Australia

At MMA, I'm a facilitator for whole school training, and have recently written and piloted a new program for students with anxiety called 'Mindful Me'. I'm looking forward to training professionals in schools to implement this intervention program. At school, my job involves holding whole school mindfulness sessions and providing additional coaching and support for teaching staff in implementing the MMA curriculum.

I'm looking forward to training professionals in schools to implement Mindful Me.

How I got here

I’ve always been curious about all aspects of child psychology, especially the need for cohesive and thorough understanding of children’s’ behaviour. After graduating with an Early Childhood Education degree, I’ve spent the past 12 years teaching across metropolitan and regional areas and have lead whole school approaches to wellbeing, behaviour support and literacy. Through this time, I have continuously attended professional learning and upskilled myself in the areas of mental health and wellbeing for children and adults. I'm a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and currently the Mindfulness Curriculum Leader at Lake Gwelup Primary School, as well as the whole school leader of Positive Behaviour Support and National Quality Standard.

Best thing about my job

Helping children and young people with anxiety and giving them the tools, strategies and understandings to help them thrive.

Ways I practise mindfulness and/or meditation

Using five senses and doing weekly guided meditations. The Insight Timer app helps me maintain a sense of calm and focus.