Coaching Support

One of the most neglected steps in the implementation of a whole-school approach is ongoing coaching support for the Project Team. While theoretically this step is critical for the successful implementation of a whole-school project and has been described as one of the significant predictors of an intervention’s ongoing success, it is rarely offered to schools.

Strategies for Action

Face to face support

Schools who participate in the whole-school tailored training program will receive coaching support from MMA’s experienced trainers to help support the ongoing implementation of mindfulness. This coaching support is available over the phone once per term and provides an opportunity for school staff to seek assistance in overcoming barriers, ask questions relating to implementation and reflect on successes and areas for improvement.

MMA’s Online Hub also provides school staff with access to the latest research and ideas for sharing ‘what works’ among the teaching community.

Further, Mindful Meditation Australia provide regular training activities across Western Australia where you can hear from our expert trainers and seek their support in your school’s implementation of mindfulness.

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