Meditation at Work

Scheduled Training Dates Book for Your Workplace

Mindful Meditation Australia has undertaken research on what mindfulness and meditation looks like within many different workplaces and has partnered with health promotion experts to develop our Meditation at Work training. 

This training is ideal for:

  • Businesses active in the community
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Associations that support others
  • Emergency responders
  • Youth or child services

Meditation at Work aims to inspire a workplace where employees experience improved job performance, relationships and personal well-being by building attentional capacity, cognitive functioning and emotional intelligence through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

The training also explores how employees can use mindfulness and meditation to further support the clients they engage.

Courses and Training for Your Workplace

Whether you are considering mindfulness and meditation for the first time or looking to implement an organisation-wide program, Mindful Meditation Australia can help.

Intro to Meditation at Work 

1 – 3 hours

 350 per hour (NFP and Gov) 600 (Private Sector) 

This short introductory course can be undertaken by an entire staff or a few staff within an organisation. It’s a great way to introduce simple mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Attendees learn about what mindfulness and meditation is, the science behind the practices and learn how the practices can help personally and professionally.

This course can be tailored to individual organisation needs. 

1-3 hour introduction to mindfulness and meditation course 
Online teaching and learning materials (coming soon) 
$350+GST per hour + printing (if needed) 

Possible Course Content

  • Defining mindfulness and meditation 
  • Understanding the science behind mindfulness and meditation 
  • Specific mindfulness and meditation activities for personal and professional use
  • An overview of Mindful Meditation Australia tools and resources 

We provide specialised trainers who conduct the workshop at an on or off-site location.

Meditation at Work

5 – 6 Hours

 275 – Per Person (Public Courses)

 2,600 – Whole Organisation Training (NFP or Gov) 5,200 (Private Sector) 

Scheduled Training Dates Book for Your Workplace


This full-day personal and professional development course is offered to those interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation. Participants explore the important links between meditation and brain science, learn different mindfulness and meditation techniques, and are given simple tools for bringing mindfulness into daily routines, and where appropriate, with clients.

The course also includes MMA’s signature whole organisation assessment and planning process. This course will leave participants with mindfulness and meditation strategies to begin or strengthen a personal and professional mindfulness journey.

The course is five-six hours in duration and can be delivered over one full day or several days to suit individual organisation needs.

Course Content

  • An introduction to mindfulness and meditation
  • The science behind mindfulness and meditation
  • Mindfulness techniques, activities and tools for personal and professional use
  • Learn how to implement mindfulness across your whole organisation
  • Support from (MMA) Trainers 
  • All notes, writing and session materials
  • Using best practice implementation science, choose and plan strategies for your own whole of organisation approach


Per person $275+GST

Whole organisation training $2,600+GST

Meditation at Work – Tailored Whole of Organisation Approach

Price on application

Based on the findings of a formative research project completed in 2016 within schools, Mindful Meditation Australia has developed a unique Tailored Whole of Organisation Approach to implementing mindfulness that enables groups and participants to plan, develop, implement and manage mindfulness practices across a professional community.


We work closely with each group to plan, implement and evaluate a whole of organisation approach, suited to each organisation’s individual needs. The approach will facilitate a whole of organisation cultural shift that will enable greater well-being across individual, interpersonal, organisational, community and policy domains within your organisation or group.

Course Content

  • X2 Full-day training sessions with leadership teams and whole of staff
  • Review of the organisation’s current health approach and capacity to implement.
  • Planning for a whole organisation approach to mindfulness based on the organisation’s articulated needs.
  • Comprehensive training for the Leadership Team
  • Whole-staff training
  • Supported implementation and ongoing coaching.
  • Evaluation and reporting