Mindful Families

Develop your own mindfulness plan to support loving and caring relationships, better communication, healthy boundaries and collective ownership of your home environment.

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Mindful Families

Our Mindful Families workshop is concise, actionable and affordable. Contact us about scheduling a mindful family session in your area for friends or community.

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Mindful Families for your school or workplace staff

Our Mindful Families workshop is concise, actionable and affordable. Book a Mindful family session for your school or workplace staff.

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"The workshop helped highlight the great things we’re already doing and some areas we want to continue to focus on"
Jarrah and Madi

Success Stories

We’ve made meaningful changes in family culture in households across Western Australia.

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Research shows that the environment that children grow up in shapes their psychological and neurological development. We teach ways to bring mindfulness into the household with simple and effective practices.