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Disseminate Information

Our range of promotional materials describes the whole-school approach and the scientific evidence supporting the approach to help form positive perceptions of the role of mindfulness in schools, prior to the start of the program.


Keeping staff informed of the school’s plans to implement mindfulness is a crucial first step in the process of introducing mindfulness to a school community. Should teachers have reservations about the approach, they are much less likely to be willing to support the approach and implement strategies in the classroom.

Staff should be given information relating to the following to help build their understanding of mindfulness, its benefits and its role in helping children and young people manage their emotions:

  1. What mindfulness is (and is not);
  2. Its benefits;
  3. Opportunities for practicing mindfulness themselves;
  4. The role of mindfulness for children in managing their emotions;
  5. The ease with which the approach will be implemented;
  6. The advantages to the approach; and
  7. Success stories
It should be noted however that these materials should not replace training in mindfulness. They are simply intended as initial information to help generate enthusiasm among staff for the school’s approach.


Finally, the approach used to introduce the concept of mindfulness to students will be age dependent. Students should be given information to help build their understanding of mindfulness and the school’s up-coming whole school approach to mindfulness at school assemblies by the Principal or members of the Project Team. Any physical changes planned for the classroom or outside environment earmarked in the Strategies for Action should be explained to students.