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Mindfulness in the Workplace Training

March 4, 2021
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Mindful Meditation Australia delivers mindfulness programs to schools, businesses, and families. The Mindful Workplaces program is a research based and comprehensive program to improve the personal and professional wellbeing of employees. 

With only 5 out of 10 employees believing that their workplace is mentally healthy, but 9 of 10 believing that mentally healthy workplaces are important, many businesses are beginning to understand the need to put mindful measures and practices in place.

That is why St John of God Hospital worked together with MMA to undertake mindfulness training and develop a mindful action plan. The training gave  employees the opportunity to understand the theory and practice of mindfulness and meditation, and discover how to implement mindfulness strategies at work. 

Mindfulness at Work with St John of God Murdoch

St John of God Murdoch Hospital is one of the leading private health campuses in Western Australia. The hospital is a major health care hub which services the southern region.

With a reputation for excellence, St John of God Murdoch opted to undertake mindful workplace training to inspire their team and improve the personal wellbeing of the staff, which in turn, improves the experience of patients. Healthcare environments are notoriously high-stress and place pressure on staff across all areas, which can affect the experience of the patients. Mindfulness training assists healthcare employees by guiding them to understand emotional regulation, and how to reduce workplace stress.

Implementation of Techniques to Reduce Workplace Stress

Following the Mindful Workplace training, St John of God created a mindfulness plan focused on three areas: Patient Care, Workplace Efficiency, and Personal Wellbeing. 

For patient care, the staff opted to use meditation practice in their interaction with patients. This included deep breathing during times of potential conflict, and also deep breathing to ease anxiety and stress of patients. A decision was also made to place posters in common areas with positive and motivational quotes.

As for workplace efficiency, there were many measures planned to make the workplace mindful. These included using a co-ordinator to ‘check in’ with each nursing team after handover, allowing the nurses to express their feelings and feel heard. There was also a commitment to more frequent staff meetings to increase communication between teams, an allocated private area for downtime from the ward, and breathing exercises to promote calm and tranquility before each shift. These are just some of the measures noted in the action plan. 

Finally, the focus on increasing personal well being included regular ward dinners and social events to improve staff morale, team debriefing following traumatic events, and an increased focus on encouraging mindfulness and meditation.

Mindful Leadership

Equipped with the understanding of mindfulness and meditation, and the reasoning behind creating mindful workplaces, staff were eager to continue to train in mindfulness and impart their knowledge with other members of the team. St John of God Murdoch are striving to create a calm and healthy workplace environment not only for the benefit of their employees, but also their patients. 

“I have learnt the importance of mindfulness and meditation on my own health and wellbeing and that of others”

At Mindful Meditation Australia we work with businesses to develop mindful workplace environments, and we also conduct training sessions online. Find out more about our organisation here

“I have learnt the importance of mindfulness and meditation on my own health and wellbeing and that of others”
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