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From busy and overwhelmed to focused and happy

August 7, 2019
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The Mindful Families workshop was about creating more love, care and respect in our home by bringing in simple mindfulness and meditation strategies. It was about choosing simple strategies that would work for our unique context.”

For our family, it’s practicing more gratitude at dinner and doing more breathing together in order to help us manage our anxiety. We are going to work towards a long-term mediation approach to help bring us closer together.

It was a fun, interactive workshop. It was great to learn about the little things which will impact our family in a big way."

"While sitting down and meditating as a family every night would be great, it’s not easy or possible."

Jarrah and Madi attended our Mindful Families workshop, and have enjoyed the benefits of a more mindful household since.

“The workshop helped highlight the great things we’re already doing and some areas we want to focus on”
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