Public Meditation

Public Meditation Class

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking for a more dedicated practice, we’d like to invite you to join us for a weekly guided meditation. 


The meditation class will take place every Monday evening at the Scout Hall on Eric St in Cottesloe at 7:30pm. Please arrive at 7:15pm. 65 Eric St, Cottesloe WA 6011

Mindful Meditation Australia and future guest facilitators will lead a variety of guided meditations to support you on your mindfulness and meditation journey. These classes are suitable for those who have never meditated before and for those who enjoy the power and support of meditating in a group.  

Meditations include:

  • Light stretching 
  • Guided meditation time 
  • Self-guided meditation time 
  • Tips and tricks for your practice 
  • Cushions, yoga mats and chairs are provided 

What to bring/wear:

  • Dress comfortably 
  • Bring something to write with
  • $10 cash donation to help cover the cost of the space – Please bring exact change 
  •  Whatever you need to make yourself comfortable 
  • Your water bottle