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3. Enhancing School Capacity

The first step in enhancing the school’s capacity to implement mindfulness is to ensure the school’s Principal and Deputy Principals are supportive of the approach.  This is best achieved by providing the Leadership Team with sufficient evidence for the approach, either using the MMA’s resources or by inviting the Leadership Team to attend an MMA training session.

Once the Principal and Deputy Principal are supportive of the approach, they should begin to discuss mindfulness and the school’s approach at assemblies, staff meetings and any other formal or informal gatherings of the school community.  This will demonstrate their support for the approach across the school community.  Furthermore, they should be encouraged to lead by example, by role modelling mindful practice in their dealings with students, staff and parents.

Strategies for Action

First: Establish a Project Team 

How it Works: Project team manages a mindfulness initiative in the school and ensures the initiative is properly supported and managed.

Instructions: Group meets regularly to measure and communicate success of the initiative

Second: Principal Leadership

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    Principal as Champion

    How it works

    The school’s Principal believes mindfulness is one of his or her top priorities for the school


    Principal actively promotes mindfulness during:
    • Meetings
    • Assemblies and
    • With staff and students

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    Principal Training

    How it works

    The school’s Principal is involved in the school’s approach to mindfulness


    Undertake Mindful Meditation Australia leadership or whole school training.

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    Principal Communication

    What is it

    Principal communicates his or her support for mindfulness to the whole-school community


    Information on mindfulness is communicated to teachers, students and parents. Mindfulness is included in:
    • Newsletters
    • On parent nights
    • At assemblies and
    • Over the PA system.