Mindful Families

This Hub will help you define your family’s mindfulness culture and looks at ways to make it stronger through your practices and traditions, home environment and the boundaries you have in place.


How do we implement Mindfulness in our Home?


Step 1 – Assessment

Step 1a – Practices


Potential Mindfulness and Meditation Activities

Deep breathing


  1. Awaken with gratitude
  2. Do a body scan meditation
  3. Practice a morning breathing exercise
  4. Awareness to your thoughts – paying attention to what it feels like to be happy, sad, irritated, angry, frustrated or stressed
  5. Make your bed mindfully
  6. Youtube meditations
  7. Practice yoga
  8. Try a meditation app
  9. Practice morning meditation
  10. Write in a journal
  11. Read & share inspirational quotes
  12. Set a daily intention
  13. Define three daily goals
  14. Create a tea or coffee ritual
  15. Eat breakfast mindfully
  16. Be present when you’re with your family
  17. Practice family meditation
  18. Get amongst nature
  19. Join a meditation class
  20. Recite positive affirmations
  21. Declutter one space in the home
  22. Practice mindful driving
  23. Listen mindfully when walking, encourage your children to try
  24. Clear your desk
  25. Practice gratitude while paying attention to a sunrise, sunset, cloud, the moon or stars.
  26. Practice emailing mindfully
  27. Mindfully do laundry or other forms of cleaning
  28. Do a meditation for someone else
  29. Try Aromatherapy
  30. Ask everyone in your family to say what they’re grateful for at mealtime
  31. Read an inspirational book
  32. Start a colouring book or art with your kids or partner
  33. When sitting for 2hrs or more, stand, stretch, and get moving with your kids 41. Take a digital break
  34. Tune into your moods
  35. Show appreciation regularly
  36. Practice acceptance
  37. Listen to music that inspires you
  38. Practice humility by letting others go first
  39. Notice your body language
  40. Hug someone (being mindful of their boundaries too)
  41. Mindfully end your workday by making a list for tomorrow
  42. Mindful listening by closing your eyes and just listening
  43. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while
  44. Practice walking meditation by walking with intention and focus
  45. Wash dishes mindfully
  46. Engage in handworks like gardening or building
  47. Give yourself a break from television
  48. Develop a mindful parenting plan
  49. Awareness to smells. example, attention to the smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked bread.
  50. Evening gratitude jar or journaling
  51. Practice guided sleep meditation

Step 1b – Environment


Step 1c – Boundaries


Step 2 – Action


Step 3 – Resources


Step 4 – Evaluate