The Big Picture

Our Vision

“To improve the happiness and wellbeing of all”

At Mindful Meditation Australia we’ve lived the long-term benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and have personally experienced its transformative potential.

Mindful Meditation Australia is founded on the principle that mindfulness and meditation practices have the potential to improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all.

Our Mission

To encourage, promote and support the practice of mindfulness and meditation throughout our country, reinforced by ongoing research, and also to provide people with mindfulness and meditation skills and tools to cultivate greater self-awareness, resulting in a happier and more harmonious Australian community.

Our Goals

  • To support the growth and practice of mindfulness and meditation through research, events, promotion, and evidence-based courses;
  • To evaluate the most appropriate and beneficial mindfulness and meditation content for a range of  courses, and develop ‘best practice’ teaching methods;
  • To partner with key organisations to strengthen their mindfulness and meditation resources and services; and
  • To instil in Australian culture respect for, and knowledge of mindfulness and meditation.