Brayden Zeer

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Brayden Zeer

General Manager

Brayden is a dedicated meditator who has practiced different types of meditation for over fifteen years. For five years, Brayden lived in a dedicated meditation community, living and breathing various forms of meditation. Brayden is a certified meditation teacher that enjoys teaching people how to access simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to improve everyday wellbeing.

Brayden has an Associates Degree in Business Administration Management from Vancouver College.  He has worked in the not-for-profit sector for the last eight years where he managed grant processes, corporate partnerships, and fundraising events that secured more than $500,000 for youth development space. He has made a significant contribution to growing well-recognised youth development programs that have been delivered to thousands of young people in WA schools.

Brayden has experience working with a Board of Directors; receiving support from dedicated mentors, and understands what it takes to drive an organisation forward.