About Us

Our History

Mindful Meditation Australia is a not for profit organisation established by Australian philanthropist and meditation advocate, Kerry Harmanis. Kerry founded Mindful Meditation Australia to provide an opportunity for others to experience the benefits that he himself has gained through an enduring connection with meditation and related practices.

Kerry is also motivated by a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of all Australians, and believes that the wellbeing and self-awareness achieved through mindfulness and meditation will lead to a happier, healthier, and more cohesive society.

Central to Kerry’s ambition for Australia-wide wellbeing are young people, because of their ability to bring about lasting change. The Dalai Lama affirmed this vision, counselling Kerry to follow through with his ambition during their conversation in 2011.

“The quietest and most peaceful place on earth is in meditation.”
– Kerry Harmanis

Mindful Meditation Australia is also supported by Dr Fong, Karen Gadsby and Trent Falkner who share a genuine passion for developing the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Through school courses and other programs, we intend to help children and young people develop the tools and knowledge to foster self-worth and compassion, learn self-care and awareness, and become involved in caring for their communities. In this way, our goal for a happier Australia can be carried right into the future, breaking negative cycles, and bringing about intergenerational wellbeing.

While age-old, the practice of mindfulness and meditation gained momentum in the west in the 2000s, with research and clinical trials finally able to quantify and record the positive outcomes of regular practice. With the passion and support of Kerry Harmanis, Dr Fong, Karen Gadsby, and Trent Falkner, Mindful Meditation Australia is committed to adding to and promoting research to extend the reach of mindfulness and meditation – an extraordinary ‘happiness and mental health tool’ – to every corner of the country.