School Program Steering Committee

The Steering Committee

Mindful Meditation Australia has established a steering committee, chaired by Dr Neale Fong.  The function of the committee is to assist in developing our case study, research, school trials, and school programs. The committee is comprised of members belonging to educationally focused organisations and those with experience in supporting the practice of mindfulness and meditation in our community.

Ian Anderson

Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association

Dr Caroline Mansfield

Academic Chair, Master of Teaching (Primary)
School of Education Murdoch University


Eleanor Hughes

Foundation Principal
Joseph Banks Secondary College


Dr Helen Correia

Clinical Psychologist
Murdoch University School of Psychology 

Shannon Steven

School Psychologist Association


Dr Stacey Waters

Health Promotion Solutions

Coosje Griffiths

Manager Complex Learning and Wellbeing
Statewide Services Centre
Department of Education