Teachers Introductory Course 


This short introductory course can be undertaken by an entire teaching staff or a few staff within a school. It is a great way to introduce educators to simple mindfulness and meditation. Attendees learn about what mindfulness and meditation is, and how it can help them personally as well as students in the classroom.

This course can be tailored to individual and school needs. 

1-3 hour introduction to mindfulness and meditation course 
Custom presentations to school leadership or parent groups 
Online teaching and learning materials (coming soon) 
$300+GST per hour + printing (if needed) 

Possible Course Content

  • Defining mindfulness and meditation 
  • Understanding the science behind mindfulness and meditation 
  • Specific mindfulness and meditation activities for personal and classroom use
  • An overview of Mindful Meditation Australia tools and resources 

Mindful Meditation Australia Support

We provide specialised trainers who conduct the workshop at an off-site location.