Jean-Michel David

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Jean-Michel David


What I do at Mindful Meditation Australia

I develop connections with individuals within organisations to help implement mindfulness and meditative practices and programs. My ultimate goal is to improve personal well-being, interpersonal relationships, and organisational culture and processes in mindful ways. Supporting people in developing mindfulness and meditation skills has intrinsic merits.

Through my work, I seek to empower individuals as they find their own inner mindful meditative skills and techniques.

How I got here

I come from an adult education and teacher training background - mainly in the context of Steiner education. I've also embarked on school principal roles in both Victoria and WA. I have also led bushwalking groups in Victoria, which brings about a different kind of mindful connectedness within our incredible natural environment. When it comes to meditation, I have a background in the Judeo-Christian tradition (with Ignatian meditation, WCCM, and Lectio Divina) and the Hindo-Buddhist traditions (especially through Zen and yogic Samyama practices). What I have increasingly found fascinating is the science behind the practices!

Best thing about my job

To see flourish cognitive, affective and physiological awakening and wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation practices - it is so enriching and rewarding.

Ways I practise mindfulness and/or meditation

I practise mindfulness in a variety of ways, including using images, symbols or words as mindful stimuli; as well as seated postures for daily prolonged periods of inner quietude and meditation.