David Hewitt


David Hewitt

Manager School Relations & seeking equanimity

What I do at Mindful Meditation Australia

I build connections with schools and non-education organisations and help them implement mindfulness practices.

A key part of what I do is to inspire a workplace that brings about improved culture, relationships and personal well-being.

How I got here

My career journey has travelled across the education, government, independent and international sectors as a Principal and Education Advisor. I’ve spent nearly a decade working for not-for-profit, professional, educational associations and have picked up a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration along the way.

Best thing about my job

I get to help our clients and community discover a greater self-awareness when it comes to mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, social and environmental health. It's a chance to make a meaningful difference to people's lives.

Ways I practise mindfulness and/or meditation

In the early morning, at my happy place - the beach. I enjoy the simplicity of contemplative silence, the use of a mantra, music or a guided meditation.