About Our Courses

We partnered with a school implementation specialist to develop evidence-based mindfulness and
meditation courses. These courses aim to improve the classroom experience, mental health and
wellbeing of both students and teachers.

What we offer

These mindfulness courses are suited for educators completely new to mindfulness or experienced practitioners interested in learning more about mindfulness and its role in education.


Intro to Mindfulness

1 – 3 Hours

We introduce you to what mindfulness and meditation is, and how it can benefit you personally as well as your students.

Can be tailored to suit a school’s specific needs. It can be undertaken by an entire teaching staff or just a few staff within a school.

Course Content

  • Defining mindfulness and meditation

  • Intro to the science behind mindfulness and meditation

  • Tools for you and your classroom

  • Partake in different mindfulness and meditation activities


Mindfulness in the Classroom

5 Hours

Next Course: 21st June 2018


A fun and interactive way to dive into the content from our Intro to mindfulness course. You’ll explore the important links between mindfulness and child / adolescent brain development, learn different mindfulness techniques, and you will be given simple tools for bringing mindfulness into daily routines.

Can be delivered on-site, over one full day or several days to suit individual school needs.

Course Content

  • Defining mindfulness and meditation
  • Intro to the science of mindfulness and meditation
  • Tools for you and your classroom
  • Partake in different mindfulness and meditation activities
  • How to implement mindfulness into the classroom
  • Explore MMA’s curriculum
  • What is a Whole School Approach to mindfulness?

All notes, writing and session material will be provided on the day.

Testimonials about “Mindfulness in the Classroom”

Your presentation was wonderfully done, with facts and information interwoven with the meditation and mindfulness exercises! I am so impressed with your curriculum books. They are so simple, clear and well organised and most importantly, really doable.” – Andrea, Deputy Principal

“I have enjoyed the training and have been re-inspired to implement mindfulness across the whole school” – Principal, Joondalup Primary School 

“Even after this short time some of my kids are asking for mindful meditation when they come in after a break! Love it!” ~ Teacher, Parkland Primary School


$275 + GST (Payable by Credit Card). Get in touch to pay by invoice.

Start – Finish Time

9am – 3:30pm


Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, 87 Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011


1 March 2018

21 June 2018


30 Aug 2018

25 Oct 2018

A Whole School Approach to Mindfulness

Based on the findings of a formative research project completed in 2016 ¹, we discovered the most effect way to implement mindfulness into a school is through a Whole School Approach.

international evidence demonstrates the greater effectiveness of a ‘whole-school’ approach over curriculum only interventions ²

The Tailored Whole School Approach (TWSA) evaluates each school’s particular needs then guides them through a step-by-step approach to ensure successful implementation.

Leadership Team Training

5 hours – flexible

This training is a unique opportunity for 3 to 6 school leaders and school champions to work alongside our experienced trainers in developing your school’s own tailored plan for implementing a whole school approach to mindfulness.

Course Content

  • Develop your own Tailored Whole School Approach (TWSA) to mindfulness plan

  • A step-by-step assessment & planning session

  • Best practices for school community awareness raising

  • Enhancing schools capacity

  • Partake in different mindfulness and meditation activities


Tailored Whole School Approach

Time -based on the schools needs

We work closely with your school to plan, implement and evaluate a whole of school approach to mindfulness, suited to each school’s individual needs.

The approach will facilitate a whole of school cultural shift that will enable greater staff and student wellbeing.

Course Content

  • A review and assessment of your schools’ capacity and current implementation of mindfulness

  • What is the Tailored Whole School Approach (TWSA) to mindfulness and why it works

  • Comprehensive training for a Leadership Team

  • Whole staff training sessions and ongoing coaching

  • Delivery of an intro or full day mindfulness course for the whole staff

  • Supported implementation of your Tailored Whole School Approach plan

  • Ongoing evaluation and reporting